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LTI is a  proud partner of Autocall. Autocall provides a unique yet sophisticated Fire Alarm system to any building. With Autocall's system design we can handle any building without any obstacles. The system provides a user friendly system to customers that sets itself apart from the competition. With amazing attributes such as TrueAlert which is a self test of any notification system provided by Autocall. This makes testing the notification system subtle and easy to do. Our Fire Command Panel provides us with a 3000 point system to cover any size building.


LTI has partnered with Potter Signal's to provide an intellectual system to cover all needs of any building. We are proud to provide a system that has a built in UDact, which will negate the use of an independent Central Station panel. Alongside that we have easy to use devices such as modules, smoke detectors, relays, and many more. Not only do we offer state of the art devices and a intricate Fire Alarm system, but we offer a user friendly program that gives our clients and ourselves a way to monitor each building individually with the use of PotterNet. 

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